The Elkins Depot Dispatch (February 2021)

The Elkins Depot Dispatch (February 2021)

February, 2021, Issue No. 5



The Welcome Center has been off to a good start in 2021

Elkins and the surrounding area have gotten more snow than usual in the last two months. This is great news for all you skiers. It has also made for some great winter wonderland scenery.

February is Black History Month! Check out this blog to learn more about the Riverside School, the only public school for African-Americans in Randolph County from 1905 to 1954.

Reasons to Fall in Love with Randolph County

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and we want you to fall in love with Randolph County.

  • Picturesque scenery – With amazing mountain vistas, flowing rivers, historic towns, and old-growth forests, Randolph County is a photographer’s dream.
  • Welcoming People – From the volunteers at the Welcome Center to the Helvetia librarian, the Big Timber employee behind the counter, and the hiker that helps you get your car out when you get stuck in the snow, you will find the people of Randolph County are friendly and welcoming.
  • Vibrant Arts Community – Here you can find everything from fine art to folk art. Whether you want to create, participate, take home, or watch and listen, there are a variety of ways you can experience the arts in Randolph County. Look under Featured Blogs for more ways to experience the arts!
Fight the Winter Blues
For some individuals winter is their favorite season. They wait all year to hit the slopes or cozy up by the fireplace and watch the snow fall. If winter isn’t your favorite season, try some of these suggestions to fight the winter blues.

  • Play in the snow! Bundle up and get outside. Build a snowman, dig a snow fort, or partake in a snowball fight. After spending so much time in artificial light, the natural light is good for you! The crisp air will clear your head and turn your cheeks rosy. Then head inside and make a steaming mug of hot chocolate.
  • Turn up the tunes. Put on your favorite upbeat music, video call with your friends, and have a dance party in your living room.
  • Plan a vacation! January 26th was National Plan your Vacation Day. If you didn’t take time to think about your ideal getaway, do so now! Research shows that simply planning a vacation can boost your spirits. Put together plans and keep them in the back of your mind for when you feel comfortable traveling again. We are excited to welcome you, when you’re ready.
  • Stimulate your senses. Fill your space with energizing scents and decorate your walls with bright images or even paint your nails with bright colors!

Whether it’s one of the suggestions above or something else, make sure to take time to do whatever makes you smile and feel good!

Featured Blogs:

Riverside: The Heart of Elkins’ Black Community for 50 Years

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Experience the Arts in Randolph County

Why you should plan your vacation to Randolph County

Fun Facts!

Elkins is, on average, one of the coolest towns in the state!

Randolph County averages 78 inches of snow per year and situated in the heart of WV ski country!

Many of our county’s high, forested mountains exceed 4,000 feet, lying at the headwaters of the Cheat, Tygart Valley, Elk, and Potomac rivers.

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