Randolph County Attractions

Elkins is a gateway to the Monongahela National Forest, which spans several counties on the eastern side of West Virginia. The Mon Forest provides almost a million acres for hiking, camping, fishing and more. Popular spots near Elkins include Bickle Knob Observation Tower offering a panoramic view of the mountains, Stuart Recreation Area, and the many hiking trails of Otter Creek Wilderness. Each provides a unique Monongahela National Forest experience. One of the most popular spots for hikers and photographers in the Mon Forest is Dolly Sods Wilderness. South of Elkins is Kumbrabow State Forest, the highest forest in the state, and the only state forest in the county. The offices for the forest service are located at 200 Sycamore Street in Elkins.

Sunrise over Dolly Sods

The small town of Beverly, which lies six miles to the south of Elkins and has a rich history. Explore the past at the Beverly Heritage Center and the Randolph County Museum, or walk through the historic town. Learn about the Civil War at Rich Mountain Battlefield, a few miles outside of town.

The community of Helvetia is known for preserving its Swiss-Appalachian culture year-round at monthly square dances and annual festivals like Fasnacht. A meal at the Hutte Restaurant is worth the drive. Many of our charming communities host special annual events, such as the Maple Syrup Festival in Pickens and the Ramps and Rail Festival in Elkins. For more fairs and festivals in Randolph county click here.