Exploring Elkins!

Exploring Elkins!

Vital to the success of the Elkins Depot Welcome Center, our volunteers know how to make a difference in our community! At the very heart of our Welcome Center their dedication of time and effort allows us to remain open seven days a week throughout our busiest times of the year. Their contributions are greatly appreciated!

A year and a half ago we sat down with our practiced group of devoted volunteers and asked them what kind of training they would like to receive. We were quickly informed they wanted a chance to step away from the Welcome Center, but in the best way possible. The Welcome Center volunteers wanted field trips—and we were eager to organize and join in on these experiential learning opportunities throughout the region.

“Organizing educational training opportunities has been one of my favorite duties as Volunteer Manager,” says AFHA AmeriCorps Member, Samantha Helman.

“The volunteers and I both have something fun and educational to look forward to and we get to experience places such as museums, restaurants and even go on train rides; these experiences carry over into our roles at the Welcome Center. It’s very effective training—better yet though, its fun!”



Touring facilities like the West Virginia Railroad Museum, the Beverly Heritage Center, D & E’s Stirrup Gallery and more, has strengthened our understanding of Elkins and what attractions we have to offer community members and visitors. By deepening our knowledge of local history, driving routes, and opportunities, we are able to speak directly about our experience to those inquiring. Fundamentally, these fun outings enable us to recall a quick story and share our memories with visitors regarding a particular aspect of an organization that we found interesting during our trip.

Our most recent trip was to tour the beautiful mansion, Graceland Inn and Restaurant, which is a part of Davis and Elkins College. Open for lunch during the holiday season, volunteers and staff were able to enjoy a delicious meal at the conclusion of the mansion tour. Enjoying the meal, learning about the history of Graceland Mansion and its offerings to locals and tourists, and sharing the occasion with our Welcome Center volunteers merged a social gathering and a learning opportunity.


(Back row, left to right) Volunteers Elaine Valentine, Tom Rosier, Paul Beardslee, Executive Director Anne Beardslee, Dean Ahren, and AFHA AmeriCorps Member Samantha Helman (front)


We look forward to getting out and about around Elkins again soon! If you are interested in volunteering, please stop in at the Elkins Depot and talk with us. We are located at 315 Railroad Ave in Downtown Elkins, or give us a call at 304-635-7803.

We like to make it personal here at the Welcome Center and share our love of Elkins with everyone! So come on in and say “Hello!” .